young_frankenstein1So it’s been roughly a year since I posted here. The dust bunnies are piled up in the corners and the crickets are chirping. But I’m here and am going to try and revive this poor little blog.

One of the big changes in my life this past year is that I’m no longer surrounded by books every day. In fact, several days may go by without my hands even touching a book, let alone reading one. I left the public library job I’d had for three years and became the parish administrator for a local church within my denomination. I love it and have no qualms about leaving library land. In 2011, I read fewer books than I have since I began keeping track. In my free time, I’m more likely to go for a hike or a bike ride than to spend it reading. So, I’ve decided that ‘A Life in Books’ is no longer an apt title for my blog. I’ve toyed around with several ideas and, at least for the time being, have settled on ‘Uncommon Nonsense’ which is a quote from Alice in Wonderland. From now on, this blog will be a bit of everything, books included, of course.

Today is the eve of the beginning of Lent, and for this year I’ve decided to give up Facebook, a site I spend an inordinate amount of time on. One of the things I hope that time will now be freed to do is to keep up with this blog. If anyone’s still out there, I hope you’ll stick around. And while you’re here, grab a broom and help corral these bunnies, will you?