I read The Poisonwood Bible a few years back (*before* it became an Oprah pick, I feel compelled to add) by Barbara Kingsolver and once I got past the first few pages, really enjoyed it. For whatever reason though, I didn’t search out more of her books. Last fall I was in the Atlanta airport, about to get on a plane for Charlotte, and had already finished the book I’d brought with me. Faced with a tedious wait in the airport along with the trip itself, minus any decent reading material, I made my way to one of the airport bookshops and tried to find a worthy candidate amongst the spate of recent bestsellers. Kingsolver’s The Prodigal Summer caught my eye, attracted by the bright green cover. The book, set in southern Appalachia, held the promise of a good story and so I bought it. But then it was set aside when I got home, lost in the shuffle, and it has sat unfinished on my bedside table for months while other books came and went. Finally this week I felt the need to finish it. The story reminds me of a Maeve Binchy novel for thinking people. Everyone goes through their trials and tribulations, but all ends well, at least for the most part. Along the way, we’re shown the lives of three people and the world around them, as well as lessons on the natural world and our place in it. A great story and one I would heartily recommend.