As you’ve probably noticed if you are a returning visitor to this site, things have changed a bit! After 3+ years with the same theme, I decided (after some prodding from my husband) that it was time for a new look. I said goodbye to green and hello to brown and have a snazzy new image header using this lovely photo of a Dutch bookstore. I’m still getting used to it but I think I like the new theme better than the old.

The old theme hadn’t been keeping up with the various Wordpress updates and it was getting more difficult to adapt my blog to the new features available. So in addition to a new face, my blog now has better commenting capabilities. When you make a comment, I (or someone else) can reply and you can opt to get email updates when someone replies to your comment.  I am keeping the recaptcha filter in for now, since it has helped so much with filtering out the spam (however if anyone has any alternate suggestions for spam filters, I’d like to hear them). Font sizes are larger and I think overall the design is cleaner and easier on the eye.

So that’s it, for the time being. One thing that hasn’t changed is my posting delinquency (to wit: I am currently two months and 8 books behind) but I hope to catch up once the library’s busy season (aka summertime) segues into what passes for normal around here in a couple weeks. We’ll see.