Or rather, fire up your laptop, crack open your writing notebook, and nimble up those fingers, because today marks the kickoff of National Novel Writing Month 2007. Last year was my first attempt at NaNoWriMo, and I managed to ‘win’ by ekeing out just over 50,000 words and finishing up a couple hours before the November 30th, midnight deadline. That novel has thankfully not seen the light of day since, and I let it die a peaceful, much-deserved death.

However, I’m ready to get back and try again. Do I have a plot outline? No. Do I have a cast of characters? No. Do I have a setting? No. But I’m not letting any of that stop me. I don’t know how far I’ll get this month, and I may not win, but I’m sure gonna give it a go. Who’s with me?

Oh, and if all goes well on the novel-writing front, I may not be posting much here, as my reading time will likely suffer.